The workshops 2022

Whether you want to find balance, in life or on a slackline, if you want to write, paint or take pictures – we have what you need, but perhaps not yet know you want. Our workshop leaders come from many different places and bring experiences to share, we could not ever imagine. A mixture of sounds, images, movements and nature. All things to create a wonderful experience of HyttDreva this summer. So come for the music. But don't forget to look at the workshops and see how you can participate.

Workshops that have to be booked in advance

Book a spot for the following workshops by sending an email to or through filling in this form. Specify which workshop you want to participate in. If there is a fee for the workshop you will have to pay then and there.


Jojk with Ulla Pirttijärvi

Learn about the traditional Sami Joik/Yoik with Ulla Pirttijärvi. Ulla grew up with joik as part of her daily life in her home villages of Utsjoki and Angeli. She heard her mother and uncle joik stories for her, and she joiked with them. Since then she has been part of many different bands using her voice, for example Hulda and Solju. Ulla performes on HyttDreva with Assu.

Price: 200 kr

Book in advance

Friday 19:30 Bergslagen Visitor Center, Blåshuset

Bansuri med Linus Lundquist

Learn about Indian classical music and learn the basics in playing the Indian Bansuri flute. Your teacher Linus has studied along flute masters in India for many years and today gives lessons himself. There are ten flutes to borrow during the workshop. Listen to him on Instagram:

Price: 100 kr

Book in advance

Saturday 11:00 Anrikningen

Tabla with Imran Khan

This workshop is welcoming all who are interested in the language of rhythm, and particularly in the poetry, sound and mathematics of the Indian Tabla.

We will together explore a journey into the joy of Indian rhythmic play.

Elements of the workshop:

- Taala: the basic rhythmic concepts of Indian Rhythm, and it’s basic cycles of 16, 10, 8, 7, 6 beats

- Clapping rhythm and speaking the Tabla words in different phrases

- Tihai: the magic of constructing formulas of Tabla phrases.

Participants will do a lot of speaking: Tabla language. Those who want can bring their instrument to apply the Tabla phrases to their instrument. Both melodic and percussion instruments are welcome.

Price: 100 kr

Book in advance

Saturday 13:00 Anrikningen

Swedish and Arabic folk music with Staerna

Staerna tell us how they work with combining different traditions of folk music and will let us explore some of their material. Isa Holmgren comes from the traditional folk music is western Värmland and Nemat Battah has his roots in Jordania and Palestine and carries with her the heritage of arabic folk music. In their band Staerna they perform folk songs from the middle east and north Africa weaved together with songs and melodies from Sweden and Norway.

Price: 100 kr

Book in advance

Satuday 17:00 Trotylen

Finnish folk songs with Tuuletar

Get to know the fascinating Finnish language through songs with Tuuletar. Tuuletar is a Finish vocal quartet with ancient inspiration and a modern understanding. It’s said that Finnish is one of the most challenging languages to learn, but also one of the most beautiful. Explore vocalisation, language and song in Finnish through the beautiful Finnish folk songs on the outdoor museum Finstigen. 

Price: Free thanks to support from the local municipality and its fund for finnish cultures and traditions.

Book in advance

Sunday 11:00 Finnstigen, Bredsjö

Folk music from Medelpad, Jämtland/Härjedalen and Helsingland

Melpa-Jocke, a folk musician from the centre of Sweden, Medelpad. He will teach songs and tunes from the areas of Medelpad, Jämtland/Härjedalen and Hälsingland.

Price: 100 kr

Book in advance

Sunday 11:00 Bergslagen Visitor Center

Swedish folk dance

Learn how to dance Swedish folk dance with Isa Holmgren from the band Staerna.

Price: 100 kr

Book in advance

Sunday 11:30 Anrikningen

Drop in workshops
Night time bat walk

The bat walk starts after the performance of the Ross Daly Quartet by the building Blåshuset. Nature guide Helena Backius will hold an introduction about these interesting animals that only come out at night. We get to hear why Södra Hyttan is such a great place for bats and what you can do favour bats. We will have bat detectors which mean we will be able to hear them making their sounds when they perform ecolocation through their ultrasonic sounds. Bring a flashlight if you have one. 

Friday approx 00:30 Blåshuset, Bergslagen Visitor Center

Juggling with Jacob Kaller

Learn the art of juggling with Jacob from the circus group TRiX! Jacob studied and worked as a circus educator in Germany where he also ran a circus school before he and his family moved to Sweden in 2017. He loves his diabolo and promises that within 10 minutes he can teach you how to juggle with three balls. 

Saturday 12:30 festival grounds

Guided tour - Rewilding Lankälven

During this tour we will look at the restauration and the rewilding done in and around the river Lankälven that flows through Södra Hyttan. We will look at what has happened historically with Lankälven, which like many other rivers and streams have been used by humans historically. How did industrialization affect nature? We will then look at rewilding in practice and how easy it can be to start to restore nature and see what positive effects it has on nature and on humans.

Saturday 13:00 Bergslagen Visitor Center/Blåshuset

Music fun with children

A musical moment for children aged 4-9 with Isabelle Ulfsdotter. Bring your parents, grandparents or another adult that likes to sing. We will sing, play and try different industuments. Isabelle promises that you will learn a new song. Isabelle is educated as a musical tutor and has worked with music education in many schools in Örebro and the surrounding areas.

Saturday 14:30, Sleipnir

Fotball fun

Participants will practice controlling and playing with a football in different ways. The skills shown will spark a raging fire for your imagination. The principle behind this is that the best coach will always be with you. That is, you will always have a ball to practice with. Or perhaps we’ll just play a game of football. 

Saturday 15:00 festival grounds

Paint together

Welcome to paing together! A big piece of paper, colours, crayons, brushes and we’ll paint together. Explore colour, shapes and paint and repaint. Become inspired by each other's creativity. No previous experience necessary. 

Saturday 15:00 festival grounds

Slackline for everybody

Learn how to walk on a slackline with Alexander Baker. Slackline is an amazing way to find balance in both body and mind. For many it’s a way to let go of worries and tension in their bodies, as you will only be able to focus on one thing: not losing balance. Alexander became hooked on slacklining while climbing mountains and has since then taught people between the ages 4 to 70, and everyone who has tried has thought it was much easier than they expected. 

Saturday 16:30 festival grounds

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